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Experience the thrill of this extremely fast and maneuverable combat aircraft!


What is the YAK 3?


The YAK 3 is an exciting WW2 era fighter plane developed in Russia

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Amazing flights in the newly restored Yak 3.

A World War II icon and Unlimited Gold racer at the Reno Air Races.

 Note: Flights are operated by Warbirds Ltd

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Get airborne in our amazing YAK 3 Fighter plane!  Choose one of our 3 exciting flight experiences and take off on the joyride of a lifetime!

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Do you know a Warbird lover?  How about a budding pilot?  Or just someone who would love a thrill?  Book them a flight and blow them away!

Get to know the YAK 3

The YAK 3 is an incredibly fast and maneuverable aircraft!  Learn more about it and see it stacked up against the more well-known Warbird models.
This could be YOU!
“I recently had the chance to fly with Graeme in his wonderful Yak 3.  It was one of the most exhilarating experiences I have ever had!  If you ever get the opportunity to fly in the Yak 3, you have to take it! “
Glencora Price

Sales, Tauranga

“It was awesome!Thanks so much!”

Leon Dahl

DJ, Wellington

“I’ve been privileged to fly in and fly an EE Lightning and have done an almost vertical take-off, gone to 46,000 and Mach 1.2. I’ve rushed along the the south coast of South Africa at 50 feet and 1000 feet per second but aerobatics over Cape Campbell in the Yak 3 beats that!! Have a go”


Engineer, Wellington

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