Frequently Asked Questions

What age passengers do you take?
While there is no age limit for our customers we suggest the flights are best enjoyed by someone in good health and who is old enough (and young enough at heart) to appreciate the experience. Access to the rear seat doesn’t require a contortionist so a person with average mobility will manage just fine. It is a legal requirement that you sign a form stating that ‘You must be physically capable of entering and exiting the aircraft, including under emergency conditions.’ and that ‘you must declare all medical conditions that may have an impact on the flight.’
Are your pilots certified?
Yes both Graeme and Ryan are certified and experienced Commercial Pilots. Ryan also flies the Omaka based Stearman doing rides and is a qualified flight instructor. Graeme’s day job is flying as a commercial pilot.
How long is does one of your experience flights last?
Flight experiences are 20 mins, 30 mins or 45 mins long depending on the package you have purchased. Allow extra time for a thorough pre-flight briefing and to take pictures post flight.
What happens if it is raining on the day of my booking?
If the weather is unsuitable on the day of flight or for any reason the aircraft or pilot becomes unavailable you will be given the option of rebooking your flight on a more suitable day. Should you not be available for another flight you will receive a full refund.
How long did it take to rebuilt the aircraft?
This Yak 3 was rebuilt over an 8 year period from 2004 to 2012. We have over 14000 man hours invested in making this the best looking and flying Yak 3 anywhere.
How old is the YAK 3?

The Yak 3 is actually a 1943 design resulting in a requirement from the chief designer Alexander Yakovlev that as much weight and drag be removed from a modified earlier Yak 1 design as possible. This is why the aircraft is so small compared to it’s WW II contemporaries such as the Spitfire, Mustang and Me 109 and is why the airframe is so aerodynamically clean.

The aircraft you will fly in was actually built by the Yakovlev Design Bureau in 1993! This came about after they found the original jigs and tooling for the Yak 3 and decided to restart production. They even continued the serial numbers on as if they had only halted production for a mere 60 years. The newly built aircraft are powered by the smooth and reliable Allison V1710 V-12 engine and utilise a cut down DC 3 propeller. Your aircraft has less than 300 hours on the clock since it came out of the box brand new.

Is it Safe?
Yes the Yak is built like a bridge and is almost brand new having flown only 100 hours since a full rebuild. The Yak is certified under CAA rules as a Special Category Aircraft. This means is it not a certified aircraft like a Cessna 172 but really that is semantics. A properly overhauled and maintained Warbird like our Yak 3 is perfectly safe. You will be required to sign a passenger waiver form stating that you are aware you are flying in a Special Category-Limited aircraft.
Why fly in the Yak instead of other better know Warbirds
If you are wanting a true fighter experience then you will be in one of the best fighter aircraft of WW II. Well known Reno Air Race pilot Bruce Lockwood says it will best any other fighter below 10,000 feet except the post war Grumman Bearcat. We will demonstrate with enthusiasm the nimble handling, exceptional climb and roll rate and straight-line speed that are the hallmarks of a great WW II fighter. And it’s all accompanied by a wonderful V-12 soundtrack.

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